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To better inform the public and service users and to promote a high level of service standards for speech therapy profession, Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists (HKIST) was formed in early 2017. A register for speech therapists is managed and promulgate by HKIST. The aims of holding and maintaining a register for speech therapists are to protect the public through quality assurance and provision of more information to facilitate informed decision on healthcare services. The public and potential users are able to identify and seek speech therapy services from suitable personnel or organizations. The register sets standards of practice of speech therapy profession in accordance with the essential elements required for standards for registrants, and issue guidance on how to achieve them. Only accredited speech therapists whose competency and behaviors have been assessed to be suitable for practice are included in the register. The register also responses to complaints about accredited speech therapists and removes speech therapists from the register when their practice constitutes harm to the public.

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